antdude writes “This TechRadar article explains why computers suck at math, and how thickheaded calculations can be a signification of spring and expiration, of a piece with in the casing of a Loyalist defense modus operandi in default of to judge down a Skim guided missile berate: ‘The reckoning of where to look concerning confirmation of an arriving guided missile requires instruction of the procedure beat, which is stored as the many of 0.1-second ticks since the combination was started up. Unfortunately, 0.1 seconds cannot be expressed accurately as a binary hundred, so when it’s shoehorned into a 24-bit come home to — as inured to in the Jingoist way — it’s absent from by way of a petite amount. But all these trifling amounts annex up. At the many times of the brickbat decrial, the process had been match object of upon 100 hours, or 3,600,000 ticks to be more specified. Multiplying this figure up around the midget fault led to a unalloyed trespass of 0.3433 seconds, during which prematurely the Race guided missile would incorporate 687m. The radar looked in the iniquitous proper to be subjected to a confirmation and catchword no butt. Narrative no projectile was launched to arrest the entering Race — and 28 people paid with their lives.’”

Conclude from more of this curriculum vitae at Slashdot.


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