An anonymous reader writes “The Planet & Send has an article written in answer to a current contemplate done at hand the Berkman Center in behalf of Internet & League at Harvard not far from how far behind the position of the age the US and Canada are with bearing to broadband internet. The refutation basically tears individually Harvard’s enquiry and shows why the US and Canada are in truth paralysed a progress in advance of most European countries. ‘Canada has a dependable broadband acuteness sort of attached to 70 per cent of households. And North Americans benefit the Internet a certain extent more intensively than do Europeans, according to Cisco Systems observations on Internet movement. More distant, responsibility Internet above in North America appears to be at levels virtually higher than to another place in the sphere. Morosely, there is itty-bitty standard endeavour around foreign agencies to rank the zeal of Internet habit. Rather than, we consider comparisons of advertised speeds and “value per advertised megabit,” which are particularly misleading. Advertised broadband speeds reorganize from existent speeds. In North America, this is in great measure a upshot of “network expenses,” and is very unpretentious. In Europe, no matter what, the variety is in many cases shocking.’”

Assume from more of this tall tale at Slashdot.


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