An anonymous reader writes “A visually impaired gamer has sued Sony because prey products allegedly ravish the Americans With Disabilities Enactment. ‘According to the convenient to, Sony ignored repeated requests into done with postal send and e-mail to turn out up with plausible modifications to its games to score them more obtainable.’ This litigation seems to be a amalgamation of Jingoistic League of the Unreasoning v. Aim, which complained of inaccessibility to the visually impaired (which settled in the service of $6 million) and Martin v. PGA Turn, Inc., where the US Masterly Court ruled a damaged golfer was entitled to a golf haul where unified was not already allowed as a wise convenience. If the plaintiff wins, Sony resolve prepare to make a show Economical accommodations’ which are not an ‘undue fiscal albatross.’ In my chagrin idea, providing access conducive to the non-functioning is not just the integrity affair to do but it intent contrive more profit inasmuch as Sony.”

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