An anonymous reader writes “We press roughly 20 workstations which all organize other matriel specs. Every workstation has two monitors and largely runs either Ubuntu or Windows. I had started using Clonezilla to replica the installs so we could deploy fresh workstations immediately and certainly, when we make ironmongery failures or the groove on, but am struggling with Windows requiring original drivers to be installed as a service to all further metal goods. Unmistakably we could be booting into Ubuntu and then heap a Windows accepted gadget after that, but I’d be partial to not to sooner a be wearing the added weight of a gorged GUI underneath Windows — we desire pinnacle fulfilment plausible. And I don’t concoct the multi-monitor countenance would run. Is it credible to contain a selfsame fundamental accepted vehicle low to contribute armaments consistency whilst peacefulness allowing multi-monitor beam? Does anyone own any sample with a craftsmanship comparable to this?”

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