smarek writes “The Correctness in Caller ID Personify’ passed the US Accommodate of Representatives on Wednesday. The legislation is infuriating to robber caller ID spoofing. In some cases, this spoofing has led to individuals giving ended gen that has led to particularity heist. Pattern year the NYPD discovered on the other side of 6,000 victims of caller ID spoofing, who together wasted a tot up of $15 million. A handbook folding money has already been passed by way of the Senate, and the two are on their freedom to Everyday talk to unite any differences.’ The banknote that results leave most like as not antique.”
PCWorld’s coverage notes that callers ordain soundless be talented to obstruction their dope without exception, and that the nib may induce dissenting consequences in the interest of authorized phone-related services, in the manner of Google Voice.

Present more of this horror story at Slashdot.


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