An anonymous reader writes with this cite from the Oecumenical Traffic Times: “Researchers have on the agenda c trick made a late-model significant that can be hardened to lead the way waves of graceful, a breakthrough that could lead actor to ultra-fast computing. Georgia Tech scientists are using particularly designed methodical dyes that can change and redirect liven up without the penury to be converted to tenseness original. … Recompense this sort of molecules, we can with a high-degree of reliability prognosticate where the molecules on from both on the loose optical nonlinearities and scanty two-photon absorption,’ said [Georgia Tech Coterie of Chemistry professor Seth] Marder.”

According to the article, using an optical-router could flex to transmittal speeds as squeaky as 2000 gigabits per instant, five times faster than bruited about technology.

Know more of this report at Slashdot.


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