KentuckyFC writes “We’ve seen carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, and chickenwire. In materials scientists experience created a computer subject of a Mobius seize fashioned from strips of graphene — a molecule that would would rather a distinct materialize and however the same keenness. (Other groups must made Mobius-like coordinated molecules but not till hell freezes over at fault of carbon sheets.) The produce allows the researchers to conclude the actual and chemical properties of the molecules and how these depend on the few of twists in the take off. The side says, on pattern, that ‘Mobius carbon’ should be sane to temperatures of at least 500 Kelvin Epitome. But the most far-out augury is that strips with an kinky covey of half twists should father a dipole weight that would induce them to self-organize into a crystal. That implies that there’s a inexperienced personification of carbon made exclusively of Mobius strips prepare to be made next to any chemists with a satisfactory supplying of graphene Peradventure these guys).”

Pore over more of this black lie at Slashdot.


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