Sara Chan writes “In a noteworthy ruling, the UK’s News Commissioner’s Branch has determined that researchers at a university ought to move at all their statistics accessible to the illustrious. The arbitration follows from a three-year engagement before mathematician Douglas J. Keenan, who wants the information to do his own study on it. The university researchers demand had the observations since innumerable years, and would rather published very many papers using the materials, but had refused to represent the details on tap. The evidence in this envelope pertains to universal warming, but the purpose is believed to make application to any return: scientists at universities, which are all non-exclusive in the UK, can in these times not call for statistics from publicly-funded inquire into as their personal hallmark.”

There’s more at the BBC, at Personality Air Feedback, and at Keenan’s site.

Review more of this fairy tale at Slashdot.


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