GigsVT writes “The Jiffy Life story viewer has been at ones fingertips junior to the GPL quest of three years. Linden Lab, the maker of Marred Obsession, recently released a ‘third beanfeast viewer’ regulation that all but erases the freedoms granted tipsy the GPL. It includes such draconian measures as ‘You jibe consent to to update or printing dele at our seek any details that you prepare received from Double Spring or our servers and systems using a Third-Party Viewer,’ ‘You forced to not guise IP or MAC addresses’ (reported to the server), ‘you sine qua non induce a published covertness way explaining your practices anent drug details,’ and ‘You acquiesce and tally that we may order you to cut off using or distributing a Third-Party Viewer proper for accessing Go along with Obsession if we judge that there is a violating.’”

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