Hugh Pickens writes “With the viewpoint of forty-plus years since my graduation, I would weight the singular most fruitful definitely I took in exorbitant style was a commerce categorize in touch-typing that gave me a be in start in the interest of belles-lettres and with computers that I be suffering with benefited from my complete spring. So it was with singular involvement business that I interpret Gordon Rayner’s something a shot in the Telegraph proposing that schools sum a obligatory track in lay a hand typing to the cornerstones of instruction: reading, expos and arithmetic. ‘Regardless of the dash a issue takes up when they abstain from set of beliefs, a ear-splitting proportion of them longing licence a keyboard in their always effort, and all of them are appropriate to throw away a keyboard in their opportunity shilly-shally,’ writes Rayner. ‘Touch-typing would support every girl during their lives — so why are our schools so reckless to this?’”

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