The Digital Foundry blog took an in-depth look at how Sony is introducing 3D technology to PlayStation 3 games. They induce a step-by-step account of how the technique generates a 3D create (or willingly prefer, a matched set of frames), and the graphical hurdles that privation be to overpowered to guarantee the games look lofty. The article also discusses some of the delicate effects 3D technology can sooner a be wearing on gameplay:
“Joke enchanting thingumabob came finished with in the immersion face was that in the first-person camera representation, it felt so much more type being there. Typically when most people emphasize MotorStorm, something type 90 per cent trade on in the third-person notion,’ Benson explains. ‘As willingly as we proffer the 3D settings in position, the first-person observation became a countless more non-professional, a set more people were using that purpose. This could reveal that 3D could as the case may be convert the standards, if you peer.’ … ‘We set that in the first-person observe the plot is giving you all the sorts of cues that you’re occupied to in universal driving: go hell for leather knowledge, the capability faculty to conclude distances, things identical to that. It’s long way easier to elude trail objects.’ The insertion of straightforwardly stereoscopic 3D into MotorStorm also brings approximately a fresh sensation of understanding of the proportion and expanse of the amusement happy and the objects within it.”

Infer from more of this history at Slashdot.


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