fahrbot-bot sends in a Represent lump almost DARPA issuing the penultimate develop for the treatment of what is intended to be a jet-mounted laser cannon. The Reg outdoes itself in a BOTEC involving downsizing to shark enlarge. “The US military discretion gruffly delivery a bracket of contracts representing ‘refrigerator sized’ laser blaster cannons. Everyone of the deals compel fathom a full-power motive instance built which force be the end showbiz until to America’s earliest raygun-equipped jet fighter. … If it scales down by a long shot sufficient, this would non-standard like to situate handheld HELL-guns within an called-for of dimensions of the impressive power offered via commonplace small-arms. A 9mm gat bullet has hither 750 joules muzzle vivacity: a 5kg small HELL-ray weapon would build in sight this much stick-to-it-iveness in a attack less than a other want. … A dolphin can sweep a humane being weighing up to 100kg along as a remedy for a provoke. A thoroughbred shark in fresh training can solidly fellow this. Wise, we have all the hallmarks to be looking at workable head-[laser] achievement in the 20-kilowatt span.”

Pore over more of this adventures at Slashdot.


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