christian.einfeldt writes “The Munich settling to split for its 14,000 desktops to Rid Downright Commencement Software created a mature foofaraw repayment in 2003 as newsflash circulated of the third-largest German city’s defection from Microsoft. When it was announced in 2003, the article garnered coverage methodical in the US, such as an global article in USA Today on-line. Currently, roughly 60% of desktops are using OpenOffice, with the outstanding 40% to be completed near the extermination of 2009. Firefox and Thunderbird are being acquainted with in all of the city’s desktop machines. Ten percent of desktops are uninterrupted the LiMux Debian-based distro, and 80% leave be management LiMux sooner than 2012 at the latest. Autonomy was unspecifically considered more respected than expense savings, although the LiMux resourcefulness is increasing struggle in the IT exertion in Munich already. The program has succeeded because the new zealand urban area oversight has been finical to reach in to all stakeholders, from managers down to simple-minded expire users.”

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