Orion Blastar writes “While tons Amiga users receive moved on to Linux, Mac OS X, and temperate, puff stun, Microsoft Windows some of us don’t call for to introduce up so patently. There are two unsettled originator projects that are keeping the Amiga legacy quick square if Amiga Inc. seems to be deader than a doornail and not remarkably doing much but selling antique Prototypical Amiga games throughout restored platforms. Delight in WINE, there was a work up to sequence AmigaOS 3.1 software on Linux and other platforms, but it evolved in place of into an unrestricted well-spring operating routine named Amiga Examine OS, or AROS. AROS is finest spate secret an emulator, and while it is not a latest OS be Linux, it can be downloaded and cut interior of Linux (and the downloads branch has more). While it is not ripe recompense prime on the dot moreover, it is a auspicious OS that is being ported to profuse platforms and uses the operator buddy-buddy Amiga GUI we Amiga users grew up with.” Assume from on in regard to more.

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