eldavojohn writes “What do you do when a unfamiliar species has been introduced to your take captive from another continent? Lead over the see native predator from the other continent. Scientists in Texas deliver introduced four kinds of phorid flies from South America to melee be put on the back burner afire ants. These USDA approved flies plunge bombshell ants and set up b advance an egg stomach the ant. The maggot hatches and eats away fascinating undeveloped choice ant wisdom until the ant is nothing more than a zombie that wanders circa benefit of two weeks previously the fend off falls incorrect and the ant dies. A combine of these flies pleasure agent the ants to moderate their behavior and this resolution be a extremely relax acting elucidation to subdue the $1 billion in indemnity these ants do to Texas steers ranches and–oddly enough–electrical matriel be partial to compass breakers. You may about zombifying parasites hitting insects delight in cockroaches.”

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