Funded in portion close to Taser Cosmopolitan, a up to date contemplation was done to learn the effects of being tasered while on methamphetamines. Since someone would quite kick around researchers universal about and tasering meth addicts, they occupied sheep as an alternative. From the article: “The less-lethal motto of pick was the Taser X26, a post law enforcement shape which can broadside at suspects from a stretch of 35 feet. Researchers shocked sixteen anesthetized sheep after dosing the animals with an IV milksop of methamphetamine hydrochloride. Some of the smaller sheep weighing less than 70.5 pounds suffered exacerbated bravery symptoms interconnected to meth utilization. But neither the smaller nor larger sheep showed signs of the ventricular fibrillation environment, a praisefully deviating kindliness tempo that can develop harmful.”

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