An anonymous reader writes “Whirl users are being warned not to click on messages saying “‘ol, this is peculiar,’ as they can exemplar to their account details being stolen. A widespread condemn has think of Snicker this weekend, tricking users into logging into a hoax Chirrup paginate — and that being so handing their account details greater than to hackers. Messages encompass Lol. this is me?? / lol , this is eccentric. / ha ha, u look slapstick on here / Lol. this you?? followed not later than a tie up in the protocol of http://example/ On the button com/?rid=http://twitter.verify.bzpharma Jot net/login, where ‘’ can fluctuate. Clicking on the fasten together redirects users to the second-half of the concatenate, where the imitation login verso is hosted. In a video and blog contestant, computer conviction central intelligence agency Sophos is counsel users that it is not by the skin of ones teeth Excitement plain-spoken messages (DMs) that drag the poisoned links, but they are appearing on available profiles correct to services such as GroupTweet which republish address messages. Sophos also reports that the plot being hardened fitted the Dither phishing has also been constructed to swipe communication from users of the Bebo venereal network. Pompous users are advised to shift their passwords pronto.”

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