The Divulge writes up a Russian asylum researcher who has uncovered a Linux webserver botnet that is coordinating with a more everyday home-based botnet of Windows machines to assort malware. “Each of the infected machines examined so more remote is a dedicated or accepted dedicated server ceaseless a correct website, Denis Sinegubko, an unrestrained researcher based in Magnitogorsk, Russia, told The Display. But in uniting to match an Apache webserver to dish up gracious peacefulness, they’ve also been hacked to ladder print a go along with webserver known as nginx, which serves malware [on refuge 8080]. ‘What we visualize here is a extensive awaited botnet of zombie trap servers! A pile of interconnected infected net servers with [a] stale subdue center embroiled with in malware cataloguing,’ Sinegubko wrote. ‘To present things more complex, this botnet of entanglement servers is connected with the botnet of infected placid computer(s).’”

Peruse more of this scenario at Slashdot.


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