cheerytt writes “Impediment this be a discouragement to all the broken-hearted geeks absent from there. A 38-year-old Ohio staff is establish to plead offending to federal charges after spyware he meant to position on the computer of a female he’d had a relationship with ended up infecting computers at a children’s convalescent home. Spyware was sent to the woman’s Yahoo e-mail give a speech to in the desire it would be adapted to to scan what his whilom girlfriend was doing on her PC. But in preference to, she opened the spyware on a computer in the hospital’s pediatric cardiac surgery hang on. The spyware sent more than 1,000 separate captures via e-mail, including details of medical procedures, diagnostic notes and other classified low-down relating to 62 patients. The gentleman leave reward $33,000 to the nursing home in support of damages and faces a most rap of five years in slammer.”

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