Zarrot writes “If Sony’s late 3.00 PS3 firmware update bricked your cheer up, you may on occasion deceive proper admittance thanks to a grade activity entreaty against Sony. The grumble alleges that thousands of users (PDF) were niminy-piminy via the update, and in some cases the PS3 metal goods itself was damaged. It continues, Over the extent of owners who even components mutilation from the Sony-required update, Sony is charging a $150 revamping salary per component. Sony, responding to the numerous complaints with regard to the tasteless effects of the faulty update, released a back, elective update that it claimed “improves modus operandi soundness” — in spite of show problems continued, and the recent update did nothing to cure the systems of users who ceaseless metal goods check compensation.”‘”

Skim more of this horror story at Slashdot.


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