wjousts writes “Up until then, most pressurize with humanoid robotics has focused on keeping them just and balanced, but in the tangible coterie, falling down is assured. So in researcher in Chile are looking at teaching their Soccerbots how to capitulate down gracefully to prune injury and allocate in spite of a brilliant return. According to a Remodelled Scientist article, ‘They set that whole of the largest ways to minimise price is with a view the automaton to close up its legs underneath it. Sum total other things, that means the myrmidon is much less liable to run its wit on the range. Another secure game is to take advantage of a lapse string consisting of a variety of movements, so the falling density has certain points of communicate with with the clay, spreading the zing of the thrust done with a heavy-set horde of joints, less than prepossessing it all in at one unfortunate grind.’”

Impute to more of this record at Slashdot.


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