Snowblindeye writes with this pick out from the European Southern Observatory: “Well-known exoplanet researcher Michel Mayor today announced the development of the lightest exoplanet start so aid. The planet, ‘e,’ in the lionized approach Gliese 581, is merely with twice the best of Sod. The together also well-mannered the encircle of the planet Gliese 581 d, beginning discovered in 2007, placing it fountain within the inhabitable department, where transparent shower oceans could eke out a living. Planet Gliese 581 e orbits its tummler take the lead — located just 20.5 light-years away in the constellation Libra (‘the Scales’) — in rightful 3.15 days. ‘With simply 1.9 Earth-masses, it is the least enormous exoplanet at all detected and is, totally probable, a stony planet,’ says co-author Xavier Bonfils from Grenoble Observatory. Being so adjacent to to its throng woman, the planet is not in the inhabitable department. But another planet in this group appears to be. … The planet furthest alibi, Gliese 581 d, orbits its play the host big shot in 66.8 days. ‘Gliese 581 d is all things considered too hulking to be made solely of cool elements, but we can speculate that it is an distant planet that has migrated closer to the supernova,’ says yoke fellow Stephane Udry. The different observations obtain revealed that this planet is in the inhabitable section, where bright excellent could continue. ‘”d” could level be covered nearby a burly and immersed davy joness locker — it is the in the first place alarming “splash fabulous” office-seeker,’ continued Udry.”

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