goran72 sends along the adventures of the world’s oldest living body, a shrub that grows in Tasmania and reproduces exclusive alongside cloning. Tasmanian scientists drink cloned Lomatia tasmanica as interest of a dispute to deliver it from a pallid fungus. From the RTBG’s seethe emancipating (which seems to cross slowly in the US):”The Baron Tasmanian Botanical Gardens [RTBG] is working as a help to securing the following of a rare and prehistoric Tasmanian aboriginal hide… Lomatia tasmanica, commonly known as King’s Lomatia, is critically near extinction with less than 500 plants growing in the odd in a microscopic pilfer of Tasmania’s secluded south west. The RTBG has been propagating the transplant from cuttings since 1994… ‘Fossil leaves of the factory organize in the south west were dated at 43,600 years cast aside and preordained that the species is a clone, it is under any circumstances the oldest living vine in the superb,’ [Botanist Natalie Tapson] said.”

Assume from more of this feature at Slashdot.


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