Harperdog writes “This article describes the efforts by some in the Pentagon to save lives by using renewable energy in the battlefield. ‘Seventy percent of all convoys carried liquid fossil fuels, and attacks on convoys … account for about half of all the casualties. Generators consumed more of the fuel brought in than did combat vehicles and air support.’ It’s a good description of energy efficient projects already happening in Iraq. ‘… the first significant response in a combat zone came with the investment of almost $100 million for insulating thousands of tents in the two war zones. Before, air conditioners in summer and heaters in winter powered by generators controlled the climate inside the tents used as barracks, dining halls and offices. Now they spray foam so it covers the exterior of the tents like shaving cream. Foaming the tents saves the military $2 million a day in avoided energy costs. This translates into a payback of less than two months. It saves 100,000 gallons of fuel per day, taking 4,000 trucks off the road each year.”

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