travalas writes “Pattern year I moved to Pastoral Bangladesh. My labour is catchy divergent, the whole kit from hacking trap apps to conspiring erection materials. Increasingly a Linux VM on my MacBook Pro is scarce just to storage speed/processing constraints and the passion to interface more well with some sensor packages. There are a occasional issues that perceive b complete that make a standard server less than desirable. This server will generally not be running with any sort of climate control and it may need to move to different locations so would also be helpful if it was somewhat portable. The environment here is hot, humid and dusty and brutal on technology and power is very inconsistent so it will often be on a combination of Interruptible Power Supply and solar power. So a UPS is a must and low power consumption desirable, so it strikes me that an Integrated UPS a la Google’s servers would be handy. Spec wise it needs to be it needs to be able to handle several VM’s and some other processor storage intensive tasks. So 4 cores, 8GB of ram and 3-4 TB of SATA storage seems like a place to start for processing specs. What sort of hardware would you recommend without breaking the bank?”

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