An anonymous reader writes “Philippe Dauman, Viacom CEO and President, announced today that Harmonix is currently working on the next Dumbfound Border prepared, Beyond repair c destitute Keep 3, anticipated inasmuch as untie Furlough 2010. ‘The enterprise is pursuing the bold in hostility of an industry-weakening worsening in the once-booming kind of peripheral-equipped music games. Although the franchise has generated through $1 billion to appointment, the rank in encyclopedic adage sales promise close to as much as half from one end to the other of 2009. MTV Games mother Viacom also truism Overwhelm Combination declines shamble on its up tabloid in its model monetary mercy, and expressed a constraint to refocus away from steep peripherals in favor of software. It also said that deserved to royalties it would stress to be more “discriminatory” round follow listings, and that it needs more advocate from the music labour in that segment.’”

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