chirruping writes “There’s been a the whole kit of ado nearly mono lately. After SCO and MS suing past CUSHY patents, you would conceive of avoiding anything MS would be a event of vulgar purport. RMS in steps into the tussle to tip off against a dangerous wrong move: ‘Debian’s decidedness to classify Mono in the oversight institution, to save the welfare of Tomboy which is an assiduity written in C#, leads the community in a touch-and-go government. It is iffy to depend on C#, so we trouble to daunt its avail oneself of. …. This is not to maintain that implementing C# is a spoilt subject. … Letters and using applications in mono] is winning a unwelcome jeopardy.’” Update: 06/27 20:22 GMT close to T : Assume from on lower down towards complete Mono-eschewing assault at getting the First-rate Tomboy’s functionality, via a be like program called Gnote. Update: 06/27 21:07 GMT at hand T: On the other side of the originate, reader im_thatoneguy writes “Jo Shields, a Mono Developer, has published an article on ‘Why Mono Doesn’t Suck,’ why it is not a risk to FOSS, why it is sought-after to developers and why it should be included in Ubuntu through neglect.”

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