Zott writes “Seemingly, ‘some readers’ of the Late-model York Times position are getting a suggestion more with their press release: an ostensibly syndicated adware popup with a faux virus scrutinize of the user’s computer indicating they are infected, and a tie-up to relate to download a arrangement in this day. It’s pleasing when a Mac purchaser gets it, but positively downloading an .exe categorize isn’t a authentic on the move to stand up your computer pure …” Update: 09/14 03:20 GMT near T : Troy encountered this malware, “and did central forensics. Abrupt: iframe ad then series of HTML/JS redirects, ending at a sham virus scanner number with a “Examination” connector (made to look homologous to a dialog container button) that downloaded malware.” Genial explanation!

Interpret more of this fish story at Slashdot.


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