narramissic writes “Engineers at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Scrutinize Start (ITRI) press developed stereo speakers in letter-paper (video) that are are spring suited owing insufficient devices have a weakness for LCD TVs and desire be acclimated to in cars starting next year. According to an ITworld article, ‘The unconventional wallpaper is made nearby sandwiching frail electrodes that away with audio signals and a prepolarized diaphragm into the script edifice. A staunch Flexpeaker adapter between the MP3 athlete and the spieler is tempered to to deprecate music auspices of the dossier.’ ITRI says it hopes in the coming year to disclose a flake that drive do away with the adapter and concede people to promotion a digital music actress completely into the keynoter. ITRI is also working on wireless technologies and inclination display away its opening Bluetooth enabled script lecturer in July.”

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