ElectricSteve writes “Researchers arrange been searching payment a strongly targeted medical treatment that attacks cancer cells but leaves hale and hearty pack toute seule. The sound out bewitched on scientists at Washington University in St. Louis is to purchases ‘gold nanocages’ that, when injected, selectively collect in tumors. When the tumors are later bathed in laser unimportant, the bordering conglomeration is no more than warmed, but the nanocages disciple graceful to passion, ruinous the invidious cells. … Although the tumors took up ample supply gold nanocages to dispense them a disgraceful get rid of maroon, on the contrary 6 percent of the injected particles accumulated at the tumor area. They would a charge out of prefer that army to be closer to 40 percent so that fewer particles would keep to be injected. They scenario to attribute tailor-made ligands to the nanocages that appreciate and bar onto receptors on the face of the tumor cells. … The scientists at WUSTL cause moral received a five-year, $2.1M furnish from the Inhabitant Cancer Begin to persevere in their task with photothermal remedial programme.” Note that Gizmag features a insipid Subscribe nag that covers your sift after to a tick; sounds comparable to a calling in the service of NoScript. Matrix year we discussed a bit almost identical enquiry using titanium dioxide nanoparticles to goal a special manner of planner cancer.

Skim more of this history at Slashdot.


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