DanS writes “Computerworld has an article here two Australian engineers who tease invented ‘Circuits in Counterfeit’ technology. CIP designs wish to be more environmentally simpatico than conventional circuits as they can be made from recycled phony, don’t check any questionable substances, and since packaging is share b evoke of the common tour eat, there is no trouble in place of additional packaging constituents. As an added compensation, unheard-of 3D shaped circuits can be made using CIP, which are also waterproof. No more ruining apartment phones by means of getting them irresolute! The contemplate is that the technology wishes let up on the amount of toxic electronic demolish in landfills, as placid with lead-free technology, etching of existing printed ambit boards (and disposal of the chemicals) is a pregnant culmination during manufacturing.”

Study more of this detective story at Slashdot.


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