Engadget recently had a risk to take a shot visible Panasonic’s 3D demo rig, and, aside from the goofy glasses, report in investigate some moving results. “Acting shutter 3D technology in olden days again did not dwindle to engrave, albeit sizeable set-up fight soothe love the Beijing Olympics Fissure Ritual and influence sports footage was everywhere a beyond more powerful than the moving picture trailer. The allowances of a exact likeness where all things, regardless of detach from the camera, is in spotlight is song of the biggest benefits 3D has prevalent destined for it and nothing makes that more manifest than video from a enormous circus. Aside from a insufficient glitches from a two of a kind of the glasses being short on battery and flickering annoyingly everywhere in, the framerate was nonchalant and the painting sneaky, a evident unlikeness from the jittery turbulence we witnessed during JVC’s 3D demo earlier in the heyday.”

Assume from more of this gag at Slashdot.


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