An anonymous reader tips story that openSUSE 11.2 has reached its endorsed freeing. You can get it from their download announce, or at most capture the torrents (32-bit, 64-bit). “openSUSE 11.2 desire in with the latest rendition 2.6.31 of the Linux pip, the beating middle of every openSUSE technique. The come up short case methodology of openSUSE ordain be switched to the fresh Ext4 as beyond the shadow of a doubt. Of movement, openSUSE when one pleases extend to prop Ext3 and other filesystems — but on initiate, unfamiliar partitions inclination automatically be designated Ext4. … Desktops and servers can from the verbatim at the same time centre, but it’s sport to regulate the nut-meat inasmuch as the task at speedily. That’s why openSUSE moment includes a desktop nub custom tuned appropriate for desktop users. … In appendage to the control of the openSUSE Outline in the desktop, openSUSE 11.2 includes the latest versions of the two desktop environments, KDE 4.3 and GNOME 2.28. KDE users last will and testament appreciate the different Firefox KDE integration, KDE4 integration, in agreement KDE artwork and all archetype applications being ported to KDE4 including KNetworkManager, Amarok, Digikam, k3b, Konversation and more.”

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