eldavojohn writes “One thing you might notice on Slashdot is that when someone submits a story linking to nytimes.com, it doesn’t always work. While it’s not truly a paywall, it appears to stop the user requiring registration… sometimes. If you noticed this and it’s seems to be non-deterministic in when and where it asks you to login, you’re simply noticing the latest strategy of ‘first click free’ being employed. We’ve heard that normal paywalls are a miserable failure (although the Wall Street Journal only lets you see the first paragraph online), will the drug pusher approach work out for The New York Times? The CEO seems to be certain that this blogger (and Slashdot) friendly paywall is the correct option and will keep The New York Times as a ‘part of the conversation’ online when news is rapidly circulating.” I will tell you that if I am asked for a password, I almost always reject the story immediately, or go find a better URL. Heck, *yesterday* I rejected a NY Times story for this exact reason. So we’ll see how it pans out.

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