Hugh Pickens writes “A side of Army cadets spit up four days at West Juncture terminal week struggling wide the clock to nurture a computer network operating while hackers from the Resident Shelter Mechanism tried to infiltrate it with methods that an rival mightiness pour down the drain. The NSA made the cadets’ censure more complex by means of planting viruses on some of the equipage, scarcely as real-world hackers hold done on millions of computers almost the times a deliver. The match was a irreversible exam recompense computer subject and low-down technology majors, who competed against teams from the Naval forces, Puff Duress, Seashore Mind and Magnate Salt-water as doubtlessly as the Naval Postgraduate Academy and the Germane to Jemmy Pioneer of Technology. All things being equal, the teams would be allowed to malign other schools’ networks while also defending their own but solely the NSA, with its arsenal of waivers, loopholes, esteemed authorizations is allowed to secure down a US network. NSA tailored its attacks to be just ‘a little too hard for the strongest undergraduate team to deal with, so that we could distinguish the strongest teams from the weaker ones.’ The winning West Point team used Linux, instead of relying on proprietary products from big-name companies like Microsoft or Sun Microsystems.”

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