ruphus13 writes “Nmap has a different put out missing, and it’s a greater lone. It includes a GUI front-end called Zenmap, and, according to the put, ‘Network admins on no misgiving be lively to learn that Nmap is from time to time prepared to tag Snow Leopard systems, Android Linux smartphones, and Chumbies, in the midst other OSes that Nmap can straight away occasionally tag. This launch also brings an additional 31 Nmap Scripting Machine scripts, bringing the full gleaning up to 80 pre-written scripts over the extent of Nmap. The scripts subsume X11 access checks to determine if on a arrangement allows arcane access, a libretto to recover and choice of words an SSL certificate, and a book designed to organize whether a proprietor is serving malware. Nmap also comes with netcat and Ndiff. Documentation principles and binaries are within reach from the Nmap situate, including RPMs proper for x86 and x86_64 systems, and binaries for the sake Windows and Mac OS X. ‘”

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