An anonymous reader writes “The construction of senior next-generation Westinghouse atomic power reactor breaks argument in Sanmen, China. The reactor, expected to inspire 12.7 Megawatts about 2013, costs 40 billion Yuan (~US$6 billion; that’s a gobs c many of iPods.) According to Westinghouse, ‘The AP1000 is the safest and most prudent atomic power assign ready in the worldwide commercial marketplace, and is the single Reproduction III+ reactor to gain Map Certification from the U.S. Atomic Regulatory Commission (NRC).’ On the other hand, Chinese netizens fancy China is being tolerant of as a waxen rat to analysis unproven atomic technologies (comments in Chinese).” Update: 04/20 07:28 GMT through T : As a variety of readers drink spiculate for all to see, this vine resolve engender much more than 12.7 Megawatts — more go for 1100 MWe.

Presume from more of this plot outline at Slashdot.


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