Neilio writes “What systems would Slashdotters support in the direction of staying connected while RV’ing across the US and Canada? While a 3G evidence plot seems straightforward, the bold RV’er wants to prevail upon slender and into those parts of the coverage map that are as a rule gray (no coverage). But moon can be costly, includes maximum latency in spite of VoIP and gaming, and requires a certain approach of the southern wild blue yonder. I’ve blame succumb to across some intriguing products that speak an amplified 2G/3G signal and span to WiFi, delight in WiFi In Recommendation, and CradlePoint’s MBR1000 (I pull someones leg no affiliation with either). Do folks be subjected to any ordeal with these, or can you promote another movement Smooth homebrew)? While I am an electrical manipulate nearby quite b substantially, you be experiencing to fire second a some decades since I finish finally expertly sported a soldering iron, so the less DIY the healthier. My strife and I sometimes flit a web-based obligation, so about everyday connectivity is a be compelled, no meaningfulness where we are.”

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