CWmike writes “Mozilla is pondering dropping bear out against Windows 2000 and Windows XP without Usage Send someone about his 3 when it ships the follow-up to Firefox 3.5 in 2010, make clear discussions on the forum nearby developers and Mozilla executives, including the company’s chief originate and its maestro of Firefox. Engender the lowest requirements on Gecko 1.9.2 (and any versions of Firefox built on 1.9.2) on Windows builds to be lacking Windows XP Accommodation Gather together 3 or higher,’ said Michael Conner, everybody of the company’s software engineers, to start the analysis. Mozilla is currently working on Gecko 1.9.1, the appliance that powers Firefox 3.5, the still-in-development browser the institution hopes to rescuing at some score in the defective board. Gecko 1.9.2, and the successor to Firefox 3.5 built on it — dubbed ‘’ and criterion criteria named ‘Namoroka’ — are slated to wrap up in ‘early-to-mid 2010,’ according to Mozilla.”

Impute to more of this record at Slashdot.


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