CWmike writes “Microsoft said today that computers in countries with squeaky rates of software piracy are more liable to be infected because users are cautious of applying safeguarding patches. ‘There is a unambiguous correlation between piracy and the malware infection merit,’ said Jeff Williams, supreme overseer of the Microsoft Malware Immunity Center. Highlighting enquire that showed worms to be the most frequent computer assurance puzzler today, Williams said the tie-up between PC infection rates and piracy is apt to the hesitancy of users of pirated software to permission Windows Update. China’s piracy in any event is more than four times that of the US, but the reason of Windows Update in China is significantly below-stairs that in this boonies. Verbatim at the same time due to the fact that Brazil and France. But Microsoft’s own evidence doesn’t till the end of time uphold William’s contention that piracy, and the hesitancy to need Windows Update, leads to more infected PCs. China, in requital for norm, boasted a malware infection sort — as defined past the bevy of computers cleaned to save each 1,000 executions of the MSRT — of fair-minded 6.7 per thousand, significantly secondary to the epidemic ordinary of 8.7 or the US’s value of 8.2. France’s infection berate of 7.9 in the in front half of 2009 was also farther down the worldwide for the most part.”

Look over more of this contention at Slashdot.


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