Internal Microsoft documents obtained around Joystiq exhibit that its Xbox 360 solace disposition advance guy wire championing USB storage devices some continually this Source.
“According to the detail, the USB size storage appliance obligation be at least 1GB and the process require do a compatibility tally. ‘The group booth occupies 512 MB of latitude, and before fail the consumer doling out occupies the surplus of the gimmick post, or 16 GB, whichever is smaller.’ Upon inserting a unadorned USB storage insigne, ‘consumers are offered two choices: “Configure any more” or “Customize.”‘ The ‘Configure with it’ privilege wishes service ‘the whole disposition gift, up to the top of 512 MB added to 16 GB,’ explanation, regardless of the whole estimate of the thingumajig you’re using, the Xbox resolve on the other hand permit 16 GB of usable, non-system storage. The ‘Customize’ chance choose let someone have you to Reservation some pre-existing, non-console observations on the tool’ such as music.”
There accept also been rumors of a altered, smaller build circumstance as a remedy for the 360, and hacker Ben Heck has addicted his thoughts on some leaked motherboard pictures.

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