eldavojohn writes “Do you compel ought to ancestors who served in the British military impaired Henry V or fought in the Hundred Years Strive? Look them up online in the present circumstances that 250,000 medieval affray records are online and accessible destined for searching. According to the contract details (PDF): ‘The chief campaigns of the duration were to France but there were others to Flanders, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, a much wider geographical spectrum than in front 1369. In counting up, garrisons were maintained within England (such as that held at the Spire of London), the Strait Islands, Wales and the marches, as ok as at Calais and in Gascony. In the fourteenth-century step of the Hundred Years Antagonistic, the English also held some garrisons in areas of northern France, and in the fifteenth century withdraw, there was a orderly garrison-based career of Normandy and circumambient regions…’”

Pore over more of this testimony at Slashdot.


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