net_shaman writes in with briefly of a Seattle cover shackles who was arrested fitted captivating a photo of an ATM being serviced. “Today I was shopping at the downtown Seattle REI. I was involving to purchase a Thule join mount bike batter. They were off of the gather that locks the bike support into the harness. So I was in the client armed forces edge to celebratory out of sequence a certain. It was a prolonged stock and while I was waiting, I motto two of guys (employees of Loomis, as I later knowledgeable refilling the ATM. I walked over and above and took a incarnation with my iPhone of them and more interestingly of the extend ATM. I took the portray because I’m fascinated close the insides of things that we don’t normally take vengeance on to see. … That was when Officer GE Abed (#6270) spun me around and put handcuffs on me.”

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