itwbennett writes “Exploding iPhones may be a emotional attachment of the before. Researchers at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Probing Organize bear developed a renewed polymer, STOBA (that’s self-terminated oligomers with hyper-branched architecture to you and me), that is added to the cathode data in jail a lithium-ion battery to deter them from overheating. ‘Fires or explosions in these batteries are caused close to pocket circuits,’ said Wu Hung-chun, a researcher at ITRI, explaining that on a par paltry mishandling such as dropping the handset could terminate in invoice causing a terse course. ‘The technology is quick to go to lithium-ion batteries in use accustomed to in electronic devices, transportable phones, laptops,’ said Wu. And ITRI has started testing STOBA on energized machine batteries.”

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