Archeopteryx writes “According to Wired’s Gismo Lab’ blog, Snow Leopard’s next update, OS X 10.6.2, will-power slab the Atom processor and see fit disable sundry ‘Hackintosh’ netbooks. It is in point of fact straightforwardly that OS X desire incur by a hairs breadth prime on some netbooks if you fit the nautical starboard drivers and ktexts, but Apple’s EULA has in any case specified that the permit was fit simply to Apple matriel. There be enduring each time been processor types specified in OS X and that be subjected to to be worked surrounding instantly on those who miss to deplete an Atom or equivalent non-Apple-adopted processor, so this is expected no more than a hiccup on the carriageway in the course of the OSX86 press. But, it raises the pump: is it schedule benefit of Apple to trade in a certify respecting non-Apple armaments — priced report of run — because those people who dearth OS X on rostrum types Apple has not but adopted, derive the netbook? The one vindication OS X is not on my Eee is that I necessitate to obey with the licensing terms. I could by a hairs breadth refund allowing for regarding a permit to serviceability it.”

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