mrchaotica writes “I’m in the hawk against a modern HDTV (in the $1200-or-slightly-more classify, as I won the extended-service-plan drawing and participate in a Sears amass place ones faith. Disparate of the TVs I’ve looked at entertain many ‘Internet TV’ features (here are Samsung’s and Panasonic’s). Some manufacturers become visible to be rolling their own, while others are partnering with Yahoo Possibly in an strive to contrive a Measure. Furthermore, these TVs also gravitate to cut Linux under the hood (although their GPL compliance, such as in Panasonic’s case, may leave something to be desired). Finally, it’s easy to imagine these TVs being able to support video streaming services (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) without a set-top box, but I don’t know the extent to which that support actually exists. Here are my questions: 1) Is this ‘Internet TV’ thing going to be a big deal going forward, or just a gimmick? 2) Which manufacturers are most [open standard|Linux|hacker]-friendly? 3) Which TV models have the best support (or best potential and community backing) for this sort of thing?”

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