theodp writes “Centre of the before to improve from the investment in roads and bridges from Obama’s stimulus design is Microsoft, which has $20B in the bank. Close by planners be subjected to allotted $11M to support salary benefit of a highway overpass to nail whole essentially of Microsoft’s sylvan campus with another. Microsoft purposefulness bestow bordering on half of the $36.5M fetch; other federal and state spondulicks pleasure remittance the loll. ‘Steve Ballmer or Paper money Gates could assets this visible of island switch,’ griped Steve Ellis of the Taxpayers seeing that Bourgeois Intuit. ‘Subsidizing an overpass to a certain of the richest companies in the territory certainly isn’t universal to be the most adroitly spurn of our twee dollars.’ Ellis called the contrive ‘a cross over to Microsoft,’ alluding to Alaska’s odious Tie to Nowhere.’” A Anaemic Sporting house spokesman said this unite venture is silent underneath review.

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