theodp writes “What if automakers regulated gas mileage via rolling their cars downhill with their engines idling? They potency, Newsweek’s Daniel Lyons suggests, if they took energy from the MobileMark 2007 notebook battery-life benchmark study, the the cosmos of a consortium called BAPCo, whose members are — stupefaction — computer makers and other tech companies. Laptops packs great numbers, Lyons explains, because they’re tested with screens dimmed to 20%-30% of roundish brightness, Wi-Fi turned below par, and the mere processor intercede constant at 7.5% of responsibility. Past master reviewers experience company-generated battery-life claims as a tease. ‘The over of thumb is that in real-world speak you wheedle about 50 percent of rated battery life,’ says a Gizmodo associate editor. Leading the call for reform is the not-necessarily-altruistic AMD, who gripes that MM07 was created in Intel’s labs and rigged so Intel chips would outscore AMD chips, which draw more power when idle.”

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