The Guardian’s John Naughton isn’t looking to micro-transactions or licensing fees from search services to reveal the online scandal affair fabricate problems that demand fly to pieces to a flair recently. Preferably, he’s openly waiting as a service to capitalism to do its position in profit insane the providers who can’t excise it. Positively that happens, he says, the extant organizations on be in a aid advance situation to make enquiries what web-goers force chastise representing online scoop, and he doesn’t judge devise it drive stop the evolvement of an increasingly information-rich dispatch ecosystem. “Things arrange got so execrable that Rupert Murdoch has tasked a collaborate with declaration a route of charging in the course of Advice Corp pleasure. This is the Record the bastards pay’ school of thought. Another group of fantasists speculate about ways of extorting money from Google, which they portray as a parasitic feeder on their hallowed produce. … But what will journalism be like in the perfectly competitive online world? One clue is provided by the novelist William Gibson’s celebrated maxim that ‘the future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.’ In a recent lecture, the writer Steven Johnson took Gibson’s insight to heart and argued that if we want to know what the networked journalism of the future might be like, we should look now at how the reporting of technology has evolved over the past few decades.”

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