Joren writes “In Japan, in a if it should happen that has been five years meet, the Osaka Superior Court on Thursday overturned a condescend court ruling that had convicted and fined the developer of doubtful file-sharing software Winny of assisting violations of the Copyright Law. From the start charged in 2004, Isamu Kaneko, 39, a whilom experiment with ally at the University of Tokyo, was declared not penitent, and desire not be required to reward a 1.5 million yen quality levied through a December 2006 Kyoto Department Court ruling. Simply being knowing of the feasibility that the software could be misused does not constitute a wrong of aiding violations of the law, and the court cannot take on that the defendant supplied the software solely to be tempered to on copyright violations,’ presiding conjecture Masazo Ogura said. Furthermore, in siding with the defense, the charm ruling stated that ‘Anonymity is not something to be looked on as unauthorized, and it is not something that applies specifically to copyright violations. The complicated value of the software is achromatic.’”

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